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Monday, September 29, 2014

iGigBook in action!

When you're headlining and selling out stadiums you need to be sure that the gear you're using is going to work as expected, you also use redundancy "just in case". Take a listen to Bill St. Amour the Keyboard Tech for the tour discuss the strategy in play for Charlie Giorodano's rig during the Bruce Springsteen 2012 tour. Pay attention to the use of iPads and pay particular attention to the use of the app iGigBook.

Charlie Giordano's Bruce Springsteen 2012 Tour Rig

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Adventures in technical support

Sometimes you encounter users that no matter what you do to try to help them they are just mad, angry, pissed off. Here's an actual email exchange:

User writes:


I am utterly BAFFLED by the lack of ease of use to register your program I just downloaded for my iPad. Why make it easy when you can make it complicated seems to be your motto! I certainly hope that your app will be better than your website. So far, I am VERY underwhelmed. Thank you I advance for your prompt reply in resolving this.
My reply:
Okay, let me help you with this...

The first item in the Book List View is titled "** TAP HERE FOR HELP" and when you select that item you will see another item titled "* How To Register" that explains exactly what you need to do in order to register.
User replies:
Are you serious????
why do you think i reached out to support in the first place??? I was already there and besides the fact that your web address actually does NOT send you to your website (!), i see NOTHING about registering. Did you EVER have to struggle so much to register ANY app from the APP store, not to mention that your APP is the MOST expensive I have EVER downloaded! It’s a JOKE! Please send me a link or detailed information about how to register.
My reply:
Launch the iGigBook app and navigate to the Book List view which is the first tab on the bottom left.

The first item in the Book List View is titled "** TAP HERE FOR HELP" and when you select that item you will see another item titled "* How To Register" that explains exactly what you need to do in order to register.
If you're still having trouble accessing the ** TAP HERE FOR HELP item in the Book List view this link has the same information:

User replies:

My reply:
Describe what it does so that I can better assist you.
User replies:
on the iPad application it says go to help register. Then it says go on the website to register. When I go on your website in Safari on my computer, there is not one single button that clearly and plainly says register. This website is the most confusing and frustrating website I have ever seen. Where do you register on www.igigbook.com???
My reply:
We specifically say that you register from the app, that's the only way you can register. You can't register from www.igigbook, you can't register from forum.igigbook.com.

The instructions I've been trying to give involve registering using the app. I've attached screen capture of what I was trying to get you to navigate to in the app, I've also sent this screen capture to you via facebook. The screen capture is the page you would view if you selected the item "** TAP HERE FOR HELP" and then selected "* How To Register".
Here's the screen capture:
User successfully registers and then replies:
You program is so cumbersome, and so not user friendly starting from the register step with the lame directions that I have asked for a refund. Now I find out that in order to actually get the PDF you still need to synchronize with iTunes!!! Really???? That is so 20th century. I have wasted so much time on this already. I will certainly right a review and share it to all my followers. Back to using the real analog fake book! What a joke!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hal Leonard Real Book CD Support

We've added some sets that allows an owner of the Hal Leonard Real Book 6th Edition CD ROM, Real Book II 2nd Edition CD ROM and Real Book III 2nd Edition CD ROM, to create a single combined PDF to use with the corresponding iGigBook Index.

Click Here For Details

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Busking Rig

Here's a busking rig that I put together. Pictured above is a Dual Car Audio amp (< $50) that delivers 150 watts to a 4 ohm Acoustic Image cabinet. The battery (< $20) is 12V 7Ah, the same battery used to power a Crate Taxi/Limo. I can easily get 3 hours of use out of this setup which is great when you're playing a double bass and need sound support in the NYC Subway.

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Reply To "Technology In Musical Education"

I had one disappointing/embarrassing experience in writing this blog over the past three years, which was a war of words with a developer regarding the feature of annotation in PDF music readers. The app in question was iGigBook, which has been a popular PDF music reader for gigging musicians. Regardless of my past interactions with the developer, I thought it would be important to mention that the latest version of iGigBook includes annotation. As I’ve stated repeatedly, my opinion is that annotation is an essential/required feature needed by a musician (whether a pro or a student). iGigBook has added that feature, and therefore joins the ranks of PDF Music Readers that have the core features that are needed by musicians (along with forScore, unrealBook, Deep Dish Designs GigBook, and the new Gig Easy app).
Original Post Here

I would have posted this comment to this blog but since comments aren't allowed, I'll post my comment here...

I don't think there was a war of words, just me disagreeing with you and setting the record straight about what you wrote so that people get an accurate picture.

I appreciate you mentioning that iGigBook has annotation, as they say, "any publicity is good publicity". I realize iGigBook isn't an app that you would find useful and also realize that no one app is going to be all things to all people. Having said that, there are features that are important to the musicians that use iGigBook on a daily basis, that are missing from all of the apps that you highly recommend. Contrary to what you say, iGigBook isn't joining the ranks of those apps, it stands alone in a class by itself, pushing the envelope of what a musician can do with an iPad and their PDF sheet music library.

I personally know a number of gigging pianists, that literally traveled with a suitcase full of sheet music books to their gigs, with no efficient way to locate 1 tune out of the thousands they may be requested to play at any given time. With iGigBook and an iPad a dream of theirs has been realized; instant access to their entire music library in seconds. I also know numerous sidemen, sax players, trumpet players, bassist, guitarist, etc, that also find iGigBook to be a dream come true because of the indexing, the transposing chord charts and the transposing books.

Keep in mind I'm not saying you should like iGigBook and use it, I just want readers to know that there are different realities and when they read your blog they should keep in mind that your view and recommendations are limited to what you use, what you know and how much gigging you do or do not do.